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Black At  is an organization curated to ensure inclusivity for Black professionals in advertising on a global scale. Our fundamentals focus on providing educational resources, a platform to build connections and increase Black representation at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.


What Makes Us Different

Provide informational and financial support to increase representation of Black Jurors, Speakers, Nominees and Attendees at Cannes; this will accurately reflect the general population and diversify the opinions on the voting system.

Help Black creatives progress in their industries by educating brands and ad agencies on the benefits of a diverse workforce. We aim to accomplish this through our scheduled events.

Create a safe, expressive space for the Black attendees of Cannes Lions Festival to network, build connections and learn expansively.

Black At is an initiative born to foster the growth of talent in the advertising industry and provide the biggest platform for vendors in advertising to showcase creative excellence. We encompass 4 core values:

Our Values.


We believe in empowering individuals, strengthening diverse communities, and creating a better future. Which is why we strive to offer resources and creative platforms, that serve the underrepresented.


We encourage staff and community members to be open, honest and directly communicate when we may deviate from our commitments. As credibility and reliability is our top priority.


A safe, inclusive, and warm environment that highlights industry members from diverse backgrounds. Fostering a community that cherishes and values the unique contributions of every member in this industry.


We work and partner with brands/ agencies/talent whose values align with ours, and merit our members who hold us accountable to make business decisions that benefit them. 

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